Keno, The Game No-one Talks About

Keno is a boring game
Keno – Not The Best Of Casino Games

For a game that is extremely easy to play, the online game of Keno lacks that user-friendly quality that many gamblers seek. While the screen is set up in a simple manner that is easy to navigate; it can be confusing at first for players to understand what and how many numbers on which they need to match in order to win a type of payout.

Keno is a strange creation and a real money casino game that lacks certin things. Have you ever heard anyone talking about keno in the same was they do slots, blackjack or roulette?

The game of Keno is more popular in the USA, UK players would much prefer a game of bingo which is obvioulsy closely related.

The problems the US faced with gambling regulation meant Keno lost even more appeal as people simply couldn’t enjoy the game online. Regulation is being resolved and at last platers have a choice of USA casino online to play at.

All About Keno

Yes, the payout process of Keno is difficult to understand. The understanding, or lack thereof, is further facilitated by terse rules that fail to explain much more than the fact that if you have a matching number, it gets highlighted in yellow.

When you click on the help tab in the upper right corner of the gaming screen, you will meet with a few short sentences explaining how to play the game. The Help section refers players back to the gaming screen to view the odds payouts. However, this is just not clearly laid out on the gaming screen.

To play online Keno, you must first select what you want each card to be worth. You can choose from the following amounts:  £.01; £.25; £1.00; £5.00; or, £10.

Then you access the gaming screen. The screen consists of a computer like grey area (gaming area) that sets in front of a blue background. Help and menu options are in the upper right corner while the game directives line the lower area of the gaming screen.

Once in the game, you can change your bet per card amount by clicking the arrows to the left or right of the dollar amount in the lower centre of the screen, just above the game directives.

Once you have selected your card amounts, you click on the numbers you desire. You can pick up to 15 numbers on each card. If you do not want to pick any numbers you can click on Quick Pick and the computer will randomly select ten different numbers for you.

Once you pick your numbers, click on Play 1, Play 5, or Play 10. These are the number of game options for which you want to use the numbers you selected.

After you click on your play options, the online game will randomly draw 20 numbers. You want to have as many of your numbers match to the game numbers as possible. If and when you have a matching number, it is highlighted in yellow. Non-matching numbers will have a red X through them.

The odds of winning anything at Keno are extremely slim. When you select 15 numbers, you actually receive a payout for not matching any numbers. Then, you won’t receive a payout until you match seven numbers.

In most cases, you will only have two or three matching numbers; therefore, you will receive no payout. When you bet on ten numbers, you have to match at least five numbers to receive a payout. Then, when you bet five numbers, you must match three numbers to have a payout.

As you can see, the odds of winning at Keno are low; gamble with caution.

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