Pontoon Vs Blackjack, Which is Better?

pontoon vs blackjackPontoon and Blackjack are very similar games, here we pit one against the other in Pontoon Vs Blackjack to see which is better. Which game gives players the best chance of winning? And which one you should be playing.

Pontoon is basically a very British card game while blackjack is known the World over. Both games have the same aim – to get 21 or as close as possible and beating the dealers hand.

Main Differences Between Pontoon & Blackjack Who Wins?

Lets take the 3 points of the game and pick a winner from each, this will be a good guide to which game is better.

Lingo & Terminology:

  • In Pontoon you “twist” for another card, “Stick” to stay with your hand.
  • In Blackjack you “Hit” for another card, and “stand” to play what you have.

I like the pontoon terms so pontoon wins round !! Although that has nothing to do with winning or odds, so lets carry on.

Pontoon – 1 Blackjack – 0

Win Payout on Pontoon Vs Winning Payout on Blackjack

This is where it gets very interesting. Pontoon and blackjack is the same hand. Any ace with a card value of a 10 is classed as either pontoon or blackjack.

The main difference between the two is the odds the casino pays you when you have either hand.

  • Pontoon pays = 2/1
  • Blackjack pays = 3/2
  • So lets take an example of betting £10 on each hand.
  • £10 Pontoon win = £30
  • £10 Blackjack Win = £25

The winner there is an absolute no brainier = Pontoon – 2 Blackjack – 0

More Win Payouts on Pontoon and Blackjack.

All other odds for wining a hand are the same. However there is a big difference.

  • A 5 Card Trick – If you get a total of 21 or less with 5 cards you beat anything the dealer may have except for pontoon.
  • A five card trick is only payable in pontoon. It does NOT exist in Blackjack!
  • Odds payout for a 5 card trick is 2/1 – Higher than getting Blackjack!

So again Pontoon wins hands down – Need I go on?

Final Score – PONTOON – 3 BLACKJACK 0

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