The Lucky Number 7 Roulette System

You should have a bankroll of at least £120 and play on the £5 roulette tables for this roulette strategy to work properly. This is considered an aggressive system but is also practical and can be utilized with those who have a small bankroll..

You can easily make hundreds of pounds by risking small amounts of your capital on the roulette wheel. This very simple but effect roulette strategy method works as follows:

You should first bet on the even-money area in the amount of £5 to start with. You can place your even-money bet either on the black, red, 1-18, or 19-36. Once you win you will then bet your current + ½ so in reality you should bet £7.50 but if it’s not feasible to divide it evenly by 2 then round off to the next whole number to get the correct amount of what you should bet.

So for example if you are currently betting £5 chips you would then round half of £5 off to the next whole number, £7.50 rounded off would give you an $8 bet. If you lose you will start off new with a £5. The object behind this strategy is basically to bid and win for 7 spins in a row. If this happens you will win a total of £165.

So what are the advantages of betting with this particular strategy? The big objective is that you are never betting more than £5 of your own capital and if you happen to win two times in a row, you will be guaranteed to leave with a small amount of the casino’s money. Below is a simple chart that you should follow when using this strategy:

Wins – Bet – Total- Money Won – Money Lost

1 – £5 £0 -5
2 – £8 £5 -3
3 – £12 £13 +1
4 – £18 £25 +7
5 – £27 £43 +16
6 – £38 £70 +32
7 – £57 £108 +51

Final Total = £165

You can stop at anytime that you are up so don’t feel pressured to actually run the full course of the 7 spins. If you are winning you may opt to actually continue on after the 7th spin if you are on a winning streak and continue to feel lucky.

If you are a bit hesitant to continue your doubling bets you may opt to just start over at £5 again if you want to play at the same table. If you do choose to continue doubling your bet and you are hitting its possible to push your capital into the hundreds in a short period of time.

There is also another method for when you lose but do not want to start over at £5 bets. Instead of going back to the beginning go back two steps from where you last left off. So let’s say you won 4 times in a row and then your next bet should be £27 by using the original chart table.

If you lost a total of £27 then your next bet would be for £12 when you move back two steps. Even if you lost the £12 you will still win a total of £4 on that particular sequence but if you do win your £12 bet you may continue along with the progression chart by moving up to an £18 bet.

This particular method is aggressive but allows for more error room and can be very profitable in a short period time.

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