3 Card Brag Card Counting

Card counting is often seen as being for mathematical geniuses, but 3 card brag card counting is not as difficult as it sounds. This method was shown to me by a very dear friend and old time card player named Les who sadly is no-longer with us. Les was a true gambler who loved nothing more than a game of 3 card brag after a long day in the pub putting the World to rights.

Here is how you count cards when playing 3 card brag, or how to spot if you are being cheated!

This way of counting card in brag only works with 3 or 6 players involved, that luckily enough is very common so it’s worth learning if you are that way inclined. The reason it works is that the cards are never shuffled, and you can often see the cards being folded or stacked, so with a quick glance you know what hand you are going to be dealt and when.

In the video example you are responsible for setting the cards up, it’s also just as easy to watch someone else place the cards on the bottom and be able to see what you will be dealt in 6 hands time.

With a bit of practice you will also easily be able to work out what the other players will have in the same hand which can make your decisions easier, if for example you were betting A-2-3 and they were getting a flush you know you are going to get guaranteed action so staying blind and betting big is the way to go.

The same goes for watching every hand not just those which you will be setting up, lets say for example a player is under the influence or just someone who likes to bet big and bet blind. Simply watch the hands he will be dealt and when you know 100% what his cards are, and yours are better. . . it the perfect time to win loads of money by targeting this one player.

It’s all about practice and keeping a close eye on things, even when the pack isn’t face up it’s just as easy to set them up yourself or see what has been placed to the bottom and in what order, just keep your eyes open!

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