3 Card Brag Cheating, Seeing the Cards

This is a very common cheating method used in pubs when playing 3 card brag, poker, whist or in fact any card game. The cheating is carried out by whomever is dealing and allows them to see the cards being dealt to each player.

The method was featured on the real hustle by Paul and Alex who played 3 card brag in a local snooker hall. They obviously cleaned up without the other players being any the wiser, and here’s how it’s done:

How to see the cards when dealing:

All you need to do is place anything with a reflective surface in front of you. As you deal the cards will pass over this shiny object and allow you to see them as they are being dealt to each player around the table. It can be difficult if there are a lot of players but from 3 to 6 players all it takes is a bit of practice to easily remember who has what.

In short just try to remember who has been dealt what hand and forget the rest, you remember as you’re dealing so try to think player 1 now has a KK player 3 has 56 player 4 has two diamonds etc. don’t forget to check your own to ensure you have the winning hand!

When the time is right you will have dealt some big hands but yours is the best at the table. Hopefully everyone bets blind for a few rounds at least while the money builds. Stay betting blind for as long as possible without it looking obvious that something isn’t quite right. When the others open up the players with big hands will continue to bet happily against you until an eventual showdown where you win a huge pile of cash all thanks to a simple reflection.

This cheating method works well with a silver lighter but since the ban on smoking in pubs it looks out of place to have it on the table. The best thing to use is your mobile phone which looks innocent enough and works brilliantly.

The above is just one of the reasons why playing 3 card brag online is much safer to do. . . But not as much fun!

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