Play 3 Card Brag Online

online 3 card bragYou can play 3 card brag online, and it’s an impressive game, steeped in the tradition of UK card games. The game is available at Grosvenor Casino online and you can claim a £200 bonus and some free spins when you sign up to play.

There are a growing number of online casinos that recognize the increasing popularity of 3 Card Brag and many offer a “player v house” version of the game.

To play 3 card brag online you need to understand it’s a game against house, not against your mates. I’m sure the multiplayer version of brag will be available very soon. In the mean time this is as close as it gets, and it’s good fun to boot.

play 3 card brag online

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How to play Online 3 Card Brag

In the online 3 card brag game, the player pays an ante to receive their 3 cards. If the player decides that their 3 Card Brag hand has a good chance of ranking higher than the dealers, they pay an amount equivalent to the ante to “play”.

Provided the dealer´s hand “qualifies” (has to be Queen high or better), the player will double their total stake if they have decided correctly, or lose both ante and “play” should the dealer win.

In the event that the dealer does not have a qualifying hand, the “play” stake is returned (“pushed”) and the ante stake doubled.

3 Card Brag Pair Bonus Side Bet

3 Card Brag at Summit is a specialist game from the software provider, open bet games. This game offers a potentially lucrative side bet – the “Pairs up”. This side bet can be played individually or in conjunction with the main 3 Card Brag betting action, and with a different staking level, if required, from the ante/play stakes.

When the player´s cards are dealt, the side bet pays according to the pay table below – irrespective of whether the dealer qualifies or not and also regardless of whether the player´s hand is better or worse than the dealers.

Overall the game version of 3 card brag really is superb and if you’re a fan of card games you will not be disappointed. Pull up a chair and play 3 card brag online for the first time.

Don’t forget all new players can claim some free money to play with which helps you get used to the game and gets you off to a winning start!

Pairs up side bet odds

  • Pair = Evens
  • Flush = 3/1
  • Run (Straight) = 6/1
  • Running Flush (Straight Flush) = 33/1
  • Prial (Three of a Kind) = 33/1Prial of 3’s = 333/1

Example casino Brag Hand

Player has          Dealer has    Ante Paid    “Play” Paid    Total Stake    Total Returns
Pair of Tens       Ace high        £5.00            £5.00            £10.00            £20.00
Pair of Tens       Pair of Aces   £5.00            £5.00            £10.00            £  0.00
A Flush              Jack high*     £5.00            £5.00             £10.00           £15.00

(*does not “qualify”)

Important Notes:

  • Should a player fold their hand before paying to “play”, the ante is lost – irrespective of whether the dealer qualifies or not.
  • A bonus is paid of 4/1 the ante if the player is dealt a straight flush, or 5/1 if being dealt a prial (three of a kind)
  • There is no opportunity to draw fresh cards (or change cards) to improve the hand ranking
  • Ante stakes range from £0.10 to £1,000.00

Playing 3 card brag online is very safe, in-fact it’s much safer than it would be playing in your local pub for a few reasons.

  • Firstly it is possible to count the cards when playing brag. All it needs is a bit of simple calculation and a quick eye.
  • Online this fear is eliminated by the deck being shuffled after every hand which doesn’t happen in the live 3 card game.
  • So if you want to play 3 card brag online, it’s a safe way to enjoy it!
  • One amazing things about the online version is that no matter when you want to play . . . you Can!

The tables are open 24/7 and there are a few tables running at the same time. You can choose tour stake from £1 up to £5000 per bet so it’s suitable for all budgets.

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