Blackjack, Everything About The Game

blackjackBlackjack has always been one of the most popular casino card games among gamblers. The game blackjack was first invented in France in the early 1700s and is also known throughout the world as Twenty-one and Pontoon, further advanced to shoot pontoon in the UK.

The game of blackjack is a head to head battle with the casino dealer. You do not play against other players when playing blackjack.

Blackjack is not a game of chance but a game of skill where by using basic strategy and math, you can take away the house edge to under 1%. This is why blackjack appeals to many serious gamblers.

Blackjack Basics

The basics of playing revolve around your initial two cards that you are dealt and the one card the dealer deals to himself.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer either by finishing with a higher total than the dealer or by the dealer busting or getting too many.

In short, you have to try and get as close to 21 as you can or to let the dealer go over 21 and bust and then the players at the table are paid.

The dealer stops at 17 so if you have 18 you can stop knowing that the odds are in your favour to win. The dealers initial card dictates how you play your hand and how many, if any, cards you wish to draw.

For example, if the dealer has a 5 face up and you are sitting on 12 then you already know that the dealer will be drawing 2 cards at the very least no matter what cards come out.

If you draw a 10 then you are out of the game and have lost your money. In this situation it is best to sit tight and let the dealer draw 2 or more cards and bust. The odds are in your favour to sit.

Now should the dealer be sitting with a 10 in front of him and you are on a total of 12 then the odds are in his favour if you decide to sit on 12.

You have the whole deck except for the 10s to improve your hand, you take the card and hopefully improve enough to then sit with a total over 18. Generally, it is in your interest to continue to pull cards until you have at least 17 when facing a 10.

We have a more complete Blackjack rules section available if you need to know about how to play the game.

Online Blackjack

The popularity of blackjack around the world is enormous with blackjack tables always full in land based casinos. The world of online blackjack is no different with many online gamblers enjoying a game of blackjack where knowing how to play significantly increases your chances of winning.

Online blackjack sites have grown in numbers in recent years as more and more online poker rooms and casinos offer blackjack to their customers. With more competition among online casinos to offer the best deals to get our business the casinos now offer blackjack tournaments to their players.

Try our free online Blackjack to get some practice or to learn the game.

Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments are available 24/7 at online casinos with entry fees ranging from freeroll blackjack tournaments to $100 blackjack tournaments.

Blackjack tournaments have two forms just like the poker or slots tournaments that you find online where you have Sit N Go tournaments or the Scheduled Time tournaments.

Blackjack tournaments last for a certain amount of hands and this is important when deciding what blackjack betting strategy to use.

  • Remember, blackjack tournament play is not like normal blackjack that you play at the tables.

While the essence of playing blackjack remains the same, the end goal is slightly different in blackjack tournament play.

  • In Blackjack tournaments you are trying to get through to the next round.

You need to maintain your focus on not just your chip stack but also that of the other players.

When do you have a big bet? Will the other players on the table follow?

You need to realize that a low stack betting “big” is not a danger to you and you matching their “big” bet of say $300 from your chip leading stack of $1500 may drop you down a rung to second place.

Betting in position like in poker can be where you can increase your stack without the other players on the table able to do anything about it. When you’re last to act and nobody has bet big then now would be a good time to try and open up a gap on your rivals.

Blackjack tournaments play pits your stack against the other players. While you are still trying to beat the dealer your only interest is finishing with more chips than your opponents.

When playing online blackjack tournaments it is always wise to just sit tight and see how the tournament is unfolding before you start betting big.

Blackjack Tournament Tip

Seating position when playing blackjack does not make any difference to whether you’re going to win money playing blackjack online or not. However, an experienced player can help the other players on the table by playing the last box, drawing and sitting when appropriate whereas a recreational player may be more inclined to sit on 16 against a 10 the experienced player will no doubt draw a card.

Now they may bust and “save” the table but in blackjack tournament play it may be a wise choice to stand and either we all win with the dealer busting or none of us win. You don’t get any prizes for saving the table in blackjack tournament play. The only thing that happens is the gap in chip count between you and the other players increases.

Online Blackjack Tips

You should always play basic strategy blackjack regardless of whether you play blackjack online or in a land based casino. It’s mathematics telling you that if you do this or that in certain situations then the percentages are in your favour to win more often than you will lose.

Again, regardless of whether playing blackjack in an online casino or in a land based bricks and mortar casino, always set a time limit for your blackjack play.

Mistakes happen when you get tired. A concentration lapse can see you undo your good work

What is a Blackjack?

A blackjack is when you get a 10 (any picture card) and an Ace. It doesn’t matter what order they are dealt. You should get paid 3:2 odds so if you bet $100 and hit a blackjack then you are paid 150 in winnings.

Insurance and Standoff

If the dealer also gets a blackjack then you have a standoff. You do not get paid.

However, if you hit a jackpot and the dealer has an Ace exposed as his face card then you can accept insurance and be paid even money.

Everybody that knows anything about blackjack will tell you that you never accept this offer.

The odds are not in your favor to do so. Now you may feel that the cards have been running against you all night and you just know that the dealer is going to hit a 10 and you are not going to be paid. The choice is certainly yours to accept even money but understand that over the long run, you will find that the less times you accept this offer of even money, the more money you will actually make playing online blackjack.

Free Blackjack Tips

If you’ve always wanted to know how to play blackjack then here’s a free blackjack tip. Get yourself a copy of a blackjack basic strategy guide. It will help you make the right decisions, when to stand, when to hit, when to split and when to double down.

Many people that play blackjack double and split when they shouldn’t. This only results in the casino accepting their gracious donation, and that happens in real life casinos and online casinos.

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