Live UK Poker Tournaments 2019

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The popularity of live UK poker is steadily on the increase, the boom may be over but the poker games continue and offer excellent value for money.

The big poker festivals such as the GUKPT provide huge prize pools and week long festivals offering mainly Texas hold’em but some other variants such as Omaha are making an appearance.

Playing Live UK Poker

There is no reason to be nervous of playing a live poker tournament for the first time. If you’re new to live casinos and live poker rest assured you won’t be the only one, and it’s nothing like you’ll see on a James Bond film.

The vast majority of players have fun playing cards and the whole atmosphere is light hearted considering the huge sums of money at stake.

You will be provided with professional dealers when playing the bigger events. The only games where it’s self deal are usually low buyins of £10 or £20 in the early afternoons.

Having trained dealers take a bit of pressure off and if you’re unsure of anything at all just ask. Remember, everyone had to start somewhere and even the most seasoned of professionals will help you if you ask nicely enough.

You’ll get plenty of breaks throughout the day, a buffet will be included if you’re in the bigger games.

Don’t think you can’t leave your seat at any time you want though. If your need to relieve yourself or just want to stretch your legs then do so. It’s best to time it so your not on the blinds when you leave as you’ll lose those, but if you gotta go, you gotta go.

Qualifying online for Live UK poker events

One of the best and most popular ways to get your seat to the big live UK poker tournaments is to qualify for it online. Not only will this prove to be extremely cost effective. It also lets you hone your skills further against some very good online players who are also out to win their seats.

The main event seats for the GUKPT usually costs around £1000 + but you can qualify at Grosvenor Poker online for around £10 if you wish. Satellites run pretty much everyday and winning a seat is relatively easy for a good player.

The same goes for the UKIPT which is run by pokerstars UK. This extremely popular UK poker tour lets players qualify online via and this is one series of live poker tournaments not to be missed.

It has a bit more glam and glitz about it than the GUKPT and has the big named players from around the World.

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