32Red Fails to Help Addicted Gambler, Fined £2 Million

32 red casino fined32Red, an online casino, has breached the rules set by the UK Gambling Commission and has been fined £2 million. They are mainly charged for not doing anything after one of the players has displayed signs of serious gambling addiction. According to the Commission, they missed 22 chances to help that customer.

The first time the gambler’s activities rose suspicion when he started complaining to the customer support about the losses and how he had spent a lot of money. In fact, the customer spent a total of £758,000 in a period of two years which is seen as a sign of serious addiction.

Instead of offering the player professional support in terms of medical help for the player, 32Red offered him further bonuses for free and even the status of the VIP player.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, all the companies that are in the gambling industry and are allowed to operate in the are of the United Kingdom must intervene and offer help should they notice that some of the customers display the behavior that is connected to the gambling addiction.

Another mistake made by 32Red was failing to investigate the user’s betting limits. The aforementioned sum is not small and not many people are able to spend so much money on gambling. Failing to investigate how one manages to finance their gambling addiction is definitely not approved by the UK GC and is also counted in the total fine amount.

However, the main problem was that 32Red failed to learn the lesson from other similar online casinos which were already fined for similar behavior towards their customers.

One of the officials at the Gambling Commission stated that it is exactly the company had done exactly the opposite of what was recommended to them. He said that the operators of the online casinos must immediately take action as soon as they spot someone who has a problem with gambling. A high-level customer review is highly advised by the commission and they are very strict towards the casinos that do not respect their rules.

According to the commission, the company gave the customer a VIP status in 2013 and started noticing their behavior only after they won a seven-figure sum in one of the online games. Much of the winnings (the £758,000 mentioned above) were spent over the next two years.

The operators at the casino stated that there had been 22 occasions which could be characterized as “gambling problem indication” after the user’s history on the website had been reviewed.

However, this was a reason great enough of 32Red to take the addiction problem more seriously, which resulted in them fundamentally changing their policy and paying special attention to the users that may display behavior native to the gambling addicts. They are working hard to educate their workers, and are slowly becoming one of the great online casino places where safe gambling is not only encouraged, but improved as well.

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